Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Telecommunications Structures causing concerns

But a new order took place when the NCC (Nigerian Communication Commission) raised alarm and concern over the possible effects and dangers of Electro Magnetic Fields radiating from telecommunications infrastructure around the country.

Safety first you know?

This was spoken about by the NCC Executive Vice Chairman  during a workshop in Calabar on Electromagnetic Fields exposure and Health organised for the South-South and South East regions

Representing the Executive Commissioner, Technical Services, NCC, Mr. Ubak Maska, Danbatta said that the NCC will ensure the safety of the citizens comes first in erecting telecommunication infrastructure.

In recent times , he added NCC has noticed an increase regarding the possible negative effects of Electro Magnetic Fields radiation emerging from telecommunication structures. which lead to the creation of the regional workshop.

 Mast and Other Telecom Structures

The services provided by these telecommunication systems are now part of our daily life.

The NCC ensures that these telecommunication companies adheres strictly to the guidelines and regulations issued by it to govern all aspect of telecommunication services including erecting their structure and exposure limit.

This workshop is to enable the NCC understand the amount of exposure and how to deal with it to keep the citizens safe.

Nice to Know we are being looked after.

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