Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Housewives and Workwives


 Welcome to the 21st Century, where women are no longer meant to be in the Kitchen and taking care of the children but they are now as equal to men... The great boom in the century I will say.

Things are no longer as they were before, as our mothers, ladies, girls are now supposedly given the same rights as the modern man, but am not here to continuous rant about the changing case of gender equality. Am here to talk about how it affects a family.

When I say Housewives I mean women who stay at home and their sole responsibility is to take care of the children, stabilize and look after the family. While Workwives refers to those who pursue their career and take care of the family at same time.

Now lets connect how these two different personalities affect the family.


Housewives may produce very intelligent and respectful children

The amount of attention and concern a Housewife gives to the growing child is immeasurable she is like their pillar and strength training them just as such as her own mother trained her. There is no room for peer group influence with this kind of Mother beside you

Housewives gives full attention Given to the Husband

A housewife with no doubt will satisfy her husband in all measures, she will be able to base her attention on the husband.

Housewives may be unable to survive without the man

This is the bad side of being a housewife, though we do not wish for tragedies, we cannot completely shield ourselves off them. If the breadwinner (the husband) passes on at an early stage in the marriage. The woman will be unable to survive as she is unemployed and practically this will lead to a break in the family as the children's development will be altered.


Workwives are self supporting

Workwives have a career, a job they are able to survive any form of tragedy as they join their husbands in providing and supporting the family. A workwife is a co. breadwinner, thus ensuring a children's' development and lives will never be altered in case of any such tragedy.

Attention to the Children
Workwives are not able to provide the complete attention needed by their kids, as their careers may be keep them out of the home. Normally, they turn to DayCare Centers which cannot completely guarantee that your child will learn only that which is positive and beneficial. This may lead to a wayward child learning things from his/her fellow mates that he/she is not supposed to.


I believe the possibility of the husband cheating is higher with Workwives, some jobs require night shifts, meaning the woman is away mostly at night. This would lead to a kind of loneliness which may lead to the husband choosing an alternative to his egoistic wife.

Workwives are very powerful women who try to show that they are just as equal to men in all measures and are able to perform just as or even better than men could. But Housewives are very intelligent and loved moms as they are much closer and well trusted by the children and her husband.

But every one has a say in this article!

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