Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise Know this about Germs


 There are more than 10,000 germ species living on healthy people today. There are four major types of Germs which are Bacteria, Fungi, Virus and Protozoa. So what are Germs?

Germs (Pathogens) are diseases causing organisms.. These organisms are everywhere, in the air, water, ground and even in some of
our bodies, on the table, on the chair you sit, as you cough and eat they are nearby trying to sneak a peek into you body.

Germs can cause you damage, from the simple illnesses like cough to the complex ones like cancer, but you may wonder how does germs really make us sick.. Do they produce cancer by themselves or what do they just do?

Germs make us sick in these ways am going to discuss/

- By using the host (the person's) nutrient (gotten from food, water e.t.c) for their own growth and reproduction and thus starving the host tissues.

- By destroying and damaging the tissues of the affected parts of the body. (The case of the Hookworm (a parasite) it attaches itself to the walls of the intestine and sucks blood. It produces a chemical that prevents the blood from clotting. Thus the wound still bleeds even after the worm leaves to another site)

- By producing toxins and poisons which affect the functioning of a particular organ or system in  the body (Toxins are produced as waste  products by germs)

Through this way and more, germs make us sick. But how do we evade these organisms. In my area am not sure people even believe in germs until they fall ill.. As I see some activities which they do every day that invite germs like blowing your nose and wiping your hand on your cloth, eating without washing your hands (hungry men do skip the washing) and so much more....

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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