Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Should Tiles exist in the Bathroom


 Tiles are known for two things, The beauty it gives to the environment and it slippery nature.

But not all tiles are so slippery, they have grades and the ones in the bathrooms have the highest grade. Bathroom tiles may be the most beautiful tiles used in building a house depending on the home in which you live, but tiles are so slippery, many cases of bathroom accidents have been reported, even the ones which were not reported like the one that happened to me some days ago adds to the number.

Well, here is why the bathroom is the worst place for tiles.

Cleaning Agents

This refers to all kinds of soap, detergent or whatever we use when cleaning our bodies and any other activity we use them for, these agents make tiles very slippery and can lead to fatal accidents, now with this in mind why could someone use tiles in his bathroom when he knows that he will frequently use this cleaning agents which will easily lead to accidents.

Blind Fold

Take a piece of cloth, blindfold yourself and lead yourself to the kitchen, was it easy? Thats the situation in the bathroom, once or every time we cover our eyes to prevent soap from getting in while trying to turn on the shower to wash ourselves. We are for a minute unaware of what to touch and this could lead to accidents.

Simple Risky Behaviours

Don't tell me you have never sang or dance to the tunes of music when you are in the bathroom, or you decide to undertake some high risk act, well thats frequent, with the case of the slippery cleaning agents all over the bathroom floor and on the walls, that simple enjoyment during your private time could be weeks in the hospital in the split of a second.

I just stated some reasons why having tiles in your bathroom is a bad idea, but we can't still deny the beauty they bring to our bathrooms.

But drop your views readers

Should Tiles be used in Bathroom Walls and Floor?

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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